Happy New Year!!

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Happy 2015!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with love and lovely treats! I was so happy to be at home in Arizona with my family and friends for Christmas... and then it was off to Napa with my parents to celebrate their 28th anniversary and bring in the New Year!!

Since I adore fashion, I was reading up on some of the Trends to Expect in 2015 and thought I would share them with you. It looks like waists go high and boots go low! Check out what's "IN:"

'70's and '90's

Get ready to swap the swinging '60s for hippie heaven as the '70s make an appearance. Fringe, flares and flowers will all play a big part of the new year style and it looks like the '90s will still be going strong.

Romantic Boho

Think long flowing dresses, in romantic prints and soft colours. Make sure your maxi dress practically touches the floor and has a flattering neckline.

Denim Everything

Sure, double denim infiltrated even remote towns last year, but 2015 sees denim reach epic heights on dresses, flared skirts and blazers.

Sport Chic

If last year was about learning how to make the most of cool sportswear, this year is about learning how to make sportswear pretty. Think pastel mini dresses, interesting ways with netting, and elasticised cuffs on everything.


Suede is the new leather. While the past few years have all been about leather T-shirts and dresses, fashion has now moved on to suede, which is being made into overcoats, swishy frocks and even jumpsuits.


Yes, this trend was so loved it will be continuing into the new year with transparent dresses and skirts holding strong. Sashay along in floaty pieces and, rest assured, you'll be able to wear them right through to 2016.

Low-heeled Boots

The Year of the Sneaker is over. Behold, the Year of the Low Boot, with everything from hiking boots to a glittery pair by Saint Laurent and a monogrammed Louis Vuitton version.

Skirts over Dresses

You read correctly. Mini skirts have been layered over dresses in what one can only assume is 2015's answer to the "dresses over jeans" trend that hit hard in the late '90s. Enter at your own risk!

Source: Sydney Herald Life & Style

But remember, at the end of the day, what really matters is that YOU feel good!!

Wear what you like and what looks good on you. Fashion is supposed to be FUN, so put on some great tunes, experiment with your friends, and come up with some outfits that you love and feel comfortable in!

Wishing you all a FANTABULOUS year!!! xoxo

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